Lake Quinault and Quinault Rain Forest information about Quinault Lodge, Rain Forest Resort Village and more.

The valley that creates Lake Quinault and Quinault Rain Forest is truly the "Valley of the Rain Forest Giants". By this, we mean, we are home to trees of record size, the biggest in the nation and world besides the Sequoias.                                                                                                    World's Largest Sitka Spruce Tree         Washington State's Largest Trees are found in Quinault Rain  Forest Valley. These Rainforest Giants are the Western Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce, Coastal Douglas-fir, Alaskan Cedar,              Western Hemlock and Mountain Hemlock.

Record Trees of the Quinault Rain Forest!


* "Western Red Cedar", Washington State's biggest tree and the recorded largest is located on the North Shore of the Lake. There is a trail directly to it and it is in easy walking distance. The Nation's 3rd largest record tree.

* "Sitka Spruce", This is the World's largest spruce tree, found on the South Shore of Lake Quinault, nestled on the grounds of Rain Forest Resort Village. The Giant is our Nation's 4th largest record tree.

* "Coastal Douglas Fir", The conifer giant is located near the Shore Shore of Lake. As of now there are no trails to see it and finding it can be a real adventure. This is the Nation's 5th largest record tree.

* "Alaskan Cedar/ Yellow Cedar" This cedar giant is located in the upper reaches of the Quinault Valley, 7 miles up the Skyline trail. One mile east of the Three Lakes, 40' north of the Big Creek trail. The Nation's 15th largest record tree.

* "Western Hemlock" This hardy giant is found about two miles past the Enchanted Valley Chalet, at the head waters of the Quinault Valley Rainforest. It is the 22nd largest record tree.

* "Mountain Hemlock" Also found in the Enchanted Valley, about 13 miles from the trail head. This is 91st Largest tree.

To find out more, go to National Register of Big Trees by American

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