Lake Quinault and Quinault Rain Forest information about Quinault Lodge, Rain Forest Resort Village and more.

Quinault aka “Valley of the Rain Forest Giants ,are where some of World Record size trees are easily found, like the Sitka Spruce and the Western Red Cedar.

Lake tours are offered by both Lake Quinault Lodge and Lake Quinault Resort

Sight Seeing is always a good place to start. Nature is the dominate feature when considering what to do next.

Quinault Rain Forest River Rafting, call 360-791-0454 or 360-288-0565

Paddling a canoe or other boats are for rent from the resorts around the lake.

Fishing in the Lake from April to October is a good way to spend some time.

Fishing in the rivers of the Peninsula during the fall, winter and spring is exciting. Fishing guides will help make your adventure.

Kite flying is good, the afternoon wind usually will give you a tug.

Getting married?, Lake Quinault is an excellent place to hold your wedding. Lake Quinault Lodge and Rain Forest Resort Village both have friendly competent staff to help you plan your special day.

Read a book, or better yet, write one. Numerous books have been written about and around the Lake. Probably, the most famous one is “The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood” by Rebecca Wells. 

Hiking to many trails, from the short ones with informative sign to intermediate to longer overnight hikes.

Beeline Tours now offers Rainforest Safaris! Ask at the Resorts for more information or   Contact Beeline Tours at 1-866-500-8687

Hunting is seasonal.

Bike riding and mountain biking are fun to do, and good exercise.

Bird watching and Animal watching. Bald Eagles and Roosevelt Elk are commonly seen. 

Swimming in the lake during the summer.

Sailing and kayaking on the Lake. The Northwest Hobiecat championships are held on Lake Quinault.

This is just a start, you can just unwind here also.


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